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Today we are attending the 3rd edition of 42 Beers organized by Press 42 .

As you may know 42 Beers is an event oriented to communication where two Startups do their pitches in front of a mixed audience of Press, Bloggers, and Techies… and then they receive constructive feedback from the audience.

The idea is to focus the feedback on the communication part and on how to tell the history of the Startup.

Alex barrera Presenting the rules for 42 Beers

After each Startup do their pitch, Alex Barrera (@abarrera) does his own pitch on that Startup, trying to show how he would do it. And then the audience give him feedback also (taking o

n account that none of them are his startups…).

In the end everybody learn an improve a bit their communication skills.

And of course after the presentations and the feedback there is a networking session with some Beers (today and on last edition sponsored by Angel Medinilla @angel_m, thanks Angel!!).

Today’s will pitch Qrystal and Ducksboard, let see how they do it…

They did two good pitches, but the audience found some things to improve and the most interesting part was when we started to give feedback, both Startups (and Alex) got a lot of interesting feedback, and we all learned something new.

In the end was again a very productive event and we had also some interesting conversations during the beers part and met some interesting people.

See you in the next 42 Beers!!

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