Mobile World Congress Second day

February 28th, 2012 | by | congress, mwc


vanadis developers at the blackberry developers day

The second day at the Mobile World Congress for Vanadis was more focussed on the development side, after trying to get into the Samsung Developers Day just to see how they closed the door on our face, but we managed to enter on the BlackBerry Developers Day where we show the posibiliies of porting Android Gingerbread Apps to BlackBerry, some interesting tips on how to develop HTML5 mobile apps.

Also we show how it is going to be the LTE deployment for most of the operators, and learnt from Telefónica that they are already testing their 4G network in Spain.

Also we went to the W3C stand and to discover the what’s new on the standards for mobile web apps, there we met again Dominique Hazael-Massieux (@dontcallmedom) with whom we were talking during the W3C day in Spain and we got to know about the february update on the Standards for Web Applications on Mobile.

We also show the new Mobile phones from LG, the Optimus 4X HD the NVIDIA Tegra 3 (one of the stars of the MWC with many new devices using it) and it’s really nice screen (of course running Android Ice Cream Sandwich).

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Vanadis at the Mobile World Congress In Barcelona

February 27th, 2012 | by | congress, mwc


vanadis developers at the mwc 4

We wanted to be updated on the last technologies on mobile apps, see the new devices that will arrive on the market this year so we can get the most of all of them, so we went to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and to see ourselves what’s new on the mobile industry.

On the first day we went for a fast tour all around to see some of the star products of all the companies. In this tour we show that NFC is already here and most of the new devices are NFC enabled (most of the stands were using it to gather the information of the visitors).

Samsung came with 2 star products: the Samsung Galaxy Beam, a regular size mobile phone with an integrated pico projector, making it possible to project the screen of the device from the very own phone, something that looks very interesting for teaching or for a quick presentation… Any way the big star of their stand was the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the 10.1-inch tablet has a dual-core 1.4GHz mobile CPU, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and a surface sensible to the pressure that with it’s stylus makes it a very powerful and versatile device.

Another interesting device was the ASUS PadFone that mixes a phone, a tablet and a netbook in one device in a very interesting combination, so you can “dock” the phone on the tablet and use the whole screen of the tablet (and it’s battery) and then dock the tablet on the keyboard to get a netbook.

Also we were checking the possibilities of the Nvidia Tegra 3, the core of many of the new phones and tablets in the MWC, a beast with 4 + 1 cores, 4 for the CPU demanding apps, and one extra one for the low consumption, so it can extend the battery duration.

Tomorrow we expect to have another interesting day mainly focused on the development part of the MWC, attending some developers sessions and talking with other developers.

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New vanadis’ development blog

February 6th, 2012 | by | vanadis


Welcome to the new Vanadis’ development blog. The mission of this blog is to share our knowledge and development skills, to post news, to offer help and solutions to common programming problems and to report anything that might be interesting for new developers. Our goal is to promote the exchange of ideas and to help to improve the new technology products making them more useful, more intuitive, more efficient and simpler.

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