#debate10: looking for common points between developers and non tech entrepreneurs

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Yesterday we attended to a very interesting event, with the title #debate10 the idea was to find why the non tech entrepreneurs are usually complaining that they can’t find talented developers to develop their ideas, meanwhile the developers (in Spain) have the idea that are not valued enough.

David Bonilla talking on #debate10

David Bonilla talking on #debate10

Here I’m a bit biased, as we are a Startup created by techies, all of us being developers for long time, so I’m among the ones that usually companies doesn’t value enough the developers. But I was there with an open mind and I learned a lot… I’ve realized long ago that as a developer you need someone that understand the business and how to make the money next to you. But still I show and understood some of the needs of an MBA with a project trying to find a tech partner, or the needs of a company when it’s looking for developers.

One of the most interesting ideas I show was that in Spanish people use the term Programador as Programmer, Developer, Software Engineer… without making a clear difference. Some companies expect to get a great developer with a very low salary and without an interesting and challenging project… on the other hand… developers with just a couple of years of experience and without a keep learning attitude some times act as experts when they don’t really give the quality development expected form a experience developer.

As some of the participants on the debate pointed out, a talented developer needs a lot of experience, and an attitude of learning every day because the technology we are using it’s changing every day, evolving, and we have to evolve with it… learn to use new tools, discover new development processes, sometimes we must learn new programing languages, or new frameworks… to keep being competitive.

Meanwhile the companies and entrepreneurs, have to give an realistic, enthusiastic and challenging project. Be ready to invest on talent and understand that developing good software takes time. Understanding how is the work of the developers it’s basic to recognize the talented ones and know what can you expect from the development team.

And here is where some times the CTO can be the key that helps making the communication between the CEO and the development team fluent and understandable for everyone.

Beyond all this, I think the debate was just the start and we should keep working on. One good step would be doing more mixed events, encouraging developers to go to the events for entrepreneurs (like Iniciador Madrid or the Tetuán Valley Startup School) and promote developer’s meetings (like Betabeers or Codemotion) on the business schools.

Finally I want to thank Willhelm Lappe, Emilio Rey, and Iván Pérez (the organizers of the debate), utopic_US (thank’s for the space) and of course to the guests of the debate  José Manuel Béas, David Bonilla, Enrique Dans, Diego Mariño, Sebastián Muriel, Raúl Mata, Agustín Cuenca, Nuño López-Coronado, Luis Rivera, Pablo Rodriguez, Pablo Almunia, Raúl Jiménez, Daniel Brandi and Pablo Ruíz Muzquíz and the other participants that were giving also their opinion.

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