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Very interesting the #lovemondays talk NO PLANNING, NO TIMING by the girls of @patheleven at @mataderomadrid, congrats @rlaina,@amaliahern.

They have managed to summon a really big audience, the place was packed and the ones that were late were just watching from the door.

They explained a how to use a Kanban board and how to use the Pomodoro Technique, to improve the time management.

But the most interesting part was the Q&A session where they demonstrated how they actually use this methodologies inside their Startup to answer some of the big amout of questions that people asked.

In the end we had some time for networking and we had the chance to talk with Raquel who, as always, show her will to help us improve our way of working.

In Vanadis will probably use some of the knowledge we got in this talk, so we can say the event was a very productive, and we are very happy with the oucomes!

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