Our last day at the Mobile World Congress

February 29th, 2012 | by | congress, mwc


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The last day at the Mobile World Congress was mainly dedicated to talk with other developers, visit some stands of interesting companies we have shown and reviewing some of the devices we found interesting.

We were talking with the people of Malcom a company dedicated to help developers to monetize their apps.

Also we were talking with the CTO of Enough Software, a German company focused also on Mobile App Development who has published a guide for mobile app development and also some open source libraries like J2ME Polish for developing mobile applications.

At the Opera stand we were talking about their new focus on web apps on TV  with their Opera TV Store, a place for a collection of web applications optimized for being views on television screens and managed with a remote control, their Opera TV Emulator that developers can use to test the applications they can develop with the Opera Devices SDK. With all this, Opera makes an interesting approach for having rich Internet applications on the TV.

The people of Firefox were showing us their Boot to Gecko project (they presented it a partnership with Telefónica), where the idea is to create devices that boot directly to the gecko engine and the devices uses only rich HTML5 Apps, we were testing the calling app on a prototype and was working really smooth.

Next to them it was Ubuntu for Android, a bet from Canonical to use Ubuntu Desktop on Android multi core Devices.

We also talked with some of the engineers from LG and Nvidia to understand better how to develop mobile apps tacking the full potential of the Tegra 3 chip.

So those are some hints of all our meetings and the devices we discovered on our visit the Mobile Wolrd Congress, next year we will be there again to get all the news.

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