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Monti (our lead designer) with the robot at Google offices

Today Vanadis were at the #GFEweek on Google offices in Madrid.

The event was mainly focussed on how Google tools can help entrepreneurs.

After the welcome speech a general one on the opportunities that we have now as entrepreneurs and a bit of how Google can help, there were several simultaneous presentations about the different services of Google so we split the team (we were two from Vanadis there) and went for Google+ and Maps from the first sessions, and Ads and Mobile on the second part.

Monti (our lead designer) with the robot at Google offices

Monti (our lead designer) with the robot at Google offices during #GFEweek 2012 in Madrid

On the Maps speech we show some of the less known tools for geolocation services. I found quite interesting the option of developing you own streetview like views and insert some images / text on top of your pictures, and new arrows to move inside the buildings for instance… getting this way a mixture between street view and augmented reality.

Also the option for showing clusters of points in the maps depending on the zoom level seemed interesting, I have seen similar stuff on CartoDB, and Open Street Map so we will have to investigate further on this.

My Second talk was about Mobile and there we got some interesting numbers, like the fact that only one out of four business in Spain has a mobile landing page. And that the use of tablets it’s mainly done at night at home.

Also the increasing number of mobile terminals is reflected on the searches… so definitely it’s time to go mobile! For a business now a days, should be a must, to have a mobile landing page and/or a mobile App.

In the end was a closing session by some investors and a nice networking cocktail where we had the chance to talk with the Google experts on the different technologies, and with the investors.

In the end it was a very Business oriented event, but very interesting.

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  1. Jorge says:

    Yep, it sounds really interesting, it seems also like they try to step up into the mobile… but have you heard about Samsung and tizen OS ? Maybe Android will lose some mobile business visibility? What do u think?

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